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I have recently started to get more into doing cosplay photoshoots, taking pictures of cosplayers, and doing some light photo editing. So I'll be posting some updates on those things soon. 
Genderbent Jack Frost Cosplay by Rippling-Echo
Genderbent Jack Frost Cosplay
I did a photoshoot recently with my Jack Frost cosplay and I did some manipulations of the photos. Here are the results. 
It seems like another year has just flown by without any activity on this account whatsoever. I hope to change that with things that I'll actually be posting. 

In short, Acen 2015 just passed and to be totally honest, I had no plans of actually going. I had gone for the past two years in a row and wasn't planning on making it a three year thing, but my sister had plans so why not join. I had brought a Jack Frost cosplay just in case I wanted to do a photoshoot in my backyard, it borders a nature preserve for lots of good scenery. 

Naturally I didn't start making the Jack Frost staff until two days before the convention. Why you may ask? Well that's simple. I really didn't want to, and I was working on some other cosplays as well. But I managed to pull a staff out of my ass just in time for the convention and it transported quite well. We went for the Saturday of the convention. 

Another first was buying the badges the day of, every other year I had bought a full weekend pass and would go at least two of the three days. However, this was the first time I planned for one and had to buy a badge at the convention center. I attended a few panels, some better than others. It is generally not a really good idea to constantly comment on how bad the panel is going if you're the one hosting. 

After my morning panels I had planned out a couple of photoshoots I wanted to attend. These ranged from Assassin's Creed, Free!, Mass Effect, League of Legends, RWBY, Sailor Moon, and others that I saw along the way. I also spent quite a while walking through artist alley, trying to keep an eye out for the elusive artists that did good sports anime prints. Because I am just trashy like that. 

Highlights: I met a youtuber (mangosirene) at the con. I had to keep an eye out for a friend of mine at the Free! photoshoot when I saw her. I would have liked to talk to her more about being weab trash, but alas, friends. 

I also met some awesome people from Iowa, David, Kathy, and Castor. They are really chill and insanely pervy which is exactly what I need in my life. Over all, we had a great conversation about everything and I would definitely like to hang out with them again at another convention. 

Honorable mentions about the con would be that as fem!Jack Frost I got a lot of kids coming up to me asking me to get pictures with them. Over all it was really cute and they all seemed to enjoying the con. There was this one girl who came up to me and said that I was a really pretty boy. Let it be known that I did have a long haired wig on, but I suppose I could still be mistaken as a boy. That is just my life I suppose. 

Over all feelings about the con were good, tiring, but enjoyable for a last minute event. 


Yao Ren Zhi
United States

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